Ellen Lindner interviews the Alternative Press boys

Published On February 5, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Interviews

Artist and Whores of Mensa member Ellen Lindner continues to post on the recent Angoulême festival, this time interviewing two of the guys behind the Alternative Press collective, Peter Lally and Jimi Gherkin:

Ellen: You guys – both informally, and as Alternative Press – take part in and organize plenty of events in London, linking comics and zines particularly, but also comics and music, and comics and crafts. I love the way you encourage mixing up the arts, instead of leaving each to function separately. Was this a conscious decision, to not operate within the old boundaries of ‘the comics world’? Or did it just happen, because of friends and associates you have in other fields?

Jimi: I think it’s cool if everything has its own place, but as we’re all trying to get as big an audience as possible I think it does us all good to work together. Also, I think it makes for a richer creative environment and it makes the work better if people are influenced by the different scenes. It’s no good to narrow your outlook if you want to be creative.

Peter: I thought we were just going to do comix! It was Jimi’s idea to mix things up, though I’m up for that. He’s the real force behind the Alternative Press. I just knew from a comics point of view that there was dire need of something decent when I read on the internet of a guy – that was Jimi – asking for help in doing an event, and I went along. Jimi is a good person with a good personality, and so it was enjoyable to help him put together what he wanted – he brought in zinesters, I didn’t know what they were! Jimi made the links with the HandmadeandBound guys (ed. – London art book and zine fair organizers), and all that handmade art stuff.

Alternative Press Fair February 13th

Richard has just posted a review of the Alternative Press’ Publish You collection and the next Alternative Press fair is due on February 13th. (Link via Comix Influx Twitter)

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