Eddie Campbell Double Feature….

Published On November 21, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Two really interesting Eddie Campbell pieces for your weekend pleasure here:

First we have a very interesting and thought provoking analysis piece on Campbell, his classic How To Be An Artist (included in the magnificent Alec) and the connection with Alan Moore, Bill Sienkievicz, Big Numbers, Chaos Mathematics and Mandlebrot. It’s over on The Mindless Ones blog, and it’s well worth your time.

Secondly we have Eddie Campbell on Australian ABC Channel First Tuesday Book Club discussing Graphic Novels. Yes, the term Campbell absolutely hates. But as you’d expect, his contribution is well worth a watch.

I hear that we’ve finally been accepted by the culture at large… but if this was true I’d be invited on shows for being an interesting personality but we still get invited everywhere as a gang ….it’s not actually a gang – the collective noun for graphic novelists is a whinge.

(Via Tom)

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4 Responses to Eddie Campbell Double Feature….

  1. A whinge!

    I’m going to steal that line.

  2. “the collective noun for graphic novelists is a whinge”