Dodgem Logic online

Published On February 22, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Roll up, roll up, now its not just in print, the fine Dodgem Logic travelling carnival from Mr Alan Moore, esquire and friends now has its own virtual presence upon this new-fangled electronica type digital Gutenberg press medium we call the interwebbing, as the second of the more traditional printed-type playbill is upon the shelves of a grateful nation. The website version even includes moving and talking pictures of the esteemed Mr Moore, like your very own kinematograph and downloads of music just like your very own gramophone but without the winding up. Astonishing.

Dodgem Logic 2 Alan Moore et al cover 3

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Joe Gordon is’s chief blogger, which he set up in 2005. Previously, he was professional bookseller for over 12 years as well as a lifelong reader and reviewer, especially of comics and science fiction works.

One Response to Dodgem Logic online

  1. E. Palmer says:

    As much as I’m glad there are new UK publications coming out, I can’t shake the feeling that this is purely a vanity project for Mr Moore, which is strange considering his standing. If his name wasn’t on it, would Diamond have given it a second look? Probably not considering the quality.

    It would be more suited as a showcase for emerging, and not the drivel they’re currently publishing. Is this really the best Britain has to offer?