Dodgem Logic #2, complete with Alan Moore mini comic

Published On January 25, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Dodgem Logic 2 Alan Moore et al cover 1

Knockabout Comics’ Tony Bennet kindly updates us on the second issue of the new journal from Alan Moore and friends, Dodgem Logic. From the description: “We’ve got beautiful girls and strange old men ranting from soapboxes. We’ve got a freak show of Northampton curiosities. We’ve got FeeJee mermaids and the end of civilisation. Right behind these lurid painted curtains, decorated by the best damn deadbeat paraffin-swigging Carny embellishers in the business. We’ve even got a free dirty comic book that we will be handing out behind the main tent after the performance.”

Dodgem Logic 2 Alan Moore et al cover 2

Contributors include Josie Long, Dave Hamilton, Steve Moore and more, taking in subjects as diverse as gardening and anarchy, plus comic strips from Steve Aylett, Savage Pencil, Kevin O’Neill and an 8-page A5 comic book by our favourite bearded wizard of comics, Mr Alan Moore, esquire, with the wonderful title of “Weird Penises”. Oh yes, its true, boys and girls. Dodgem Logic #2 – which has three variant covers by Mitch Jenkins and Burlesque, pictured here – should be hitting shelves in mid February and is also available to order from our webstore. Being seen reading Dodgem Logic in public can increase your coolness rating by at least 300 megafonzies, according to Professor Farnsworth.

Dodgem Logic 2 Alan Moore et al cover 3

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6 Responses to Dodgem Logic #2, complete with Alan Moore mini comic

  1. interference says:

    I’m in as long as they don’t bang on and on about F*****g Northampton again. It’s a shit hole, get over it.

  2. Joe says:

    That’s a bit nasty – Northampton readers, feel free to post your rebuttals

  3. Kenny says:

    Saying ‘megafonzies’ can decrease it by about 500%.

  4. Joe says:

    heyyyyy, sit on it 🙂

  5. john says:

    the second girl is my gf hehe just need to find a place to buy it

  6. bob says:

    I grew up in Northampton and yes, it’s a shit-hole! What’s the problem with people writing about it? It makes a change from hearing about just London, New-York or f****g LA which are all shit-holes too!