Coo-eeee! Mine’s A Gin And Tonic. (hic)

Published On May 4, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Queen Mum Adventures Volume 1: Mine’s A Gin And Tonic

by David O’Connell

Self Published

This little A6 sized, 12 page mini comic was going to get a little mention at the end of the Tozo review, but it’s so brilliant that I couldn’t resist giving it a mini review of it’s very own.

Right from the first page it had me laughing:

(Yoda – in drag, or Coo-eee! I still don’t know which one is funnier, but they both had me spluttering into my drink. From David O’Connell’s Queen Mum Adventures Volume 1)

That should give you an idea of where O’Connel’s going with this one. The silliness and sedition goes on and on through the all too quickly finished mini. G&Ts, betting, old Scot’s Guard leather boys (“How nice, I can tell you’re a guardsman by the shine on that leather!“), gimps pulling the old dear back home up the Mall in a wheelie bin, QEII and Phillip aghast, giant corgis and more G&T. So much to love. So much to get O’Connell thrown in the tower.

(The Queen Mum delivered back to Clarence House by gimp-drawn wheelie bin, but of course. From David O’Connell’s Queen Mum Adventures Volume 1)

You can read it here, but trust me, this is one of those delightful objects you really need to hold in your hands and settle back for a great chuckle.

Pick it up from David O’onnell’s website (£3.50 for this and the second one – “The Green Lady Mystery”) before he gets picked up by Special Branch. My copy of the second is winging it’s way to me already and I’m really looking forward to it – G&T at the ready. And now a final word from her ex-maj:

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  1. Ha, best comic of the year!