Cardboard Colin & The Wasps…. 3.5 inches square and such fun….

Published On December 22, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Cardboard Colin & The Wasps

by Philippa Rice

A very mini comic by Philippa Rice, featuring Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline of her My Cardboard Life strips.

This is one of those form over function strips. Or at least it is until you actually get to read the things. Then the form and the function and the artform all begin to merge deliciously into one wonderfully funny package.

Poor Colin finds himself the unfortunate victim of a wasp. And being Colin, he’s quick to take Pauline’s advice and just let the wasp stay there until it goes away. But then the funny starts. The wasp doesn’t go away. Far from it. Funny, funny, funny follows. But really, you should just buy the comic…. here’s just the start of Colin’s troubles…..

Philippa Rice’s My Cardboard Life webcomic is updated regularly. She’s also online at her Juzzard blog, has a great Flickrstream and everything that’s available to buy can be found at her shop.

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