British International Comics Show 2010 – another great year, another great BICS (Part 2 – more photos and a link dump)

Published On October 21, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Conventions and events

Before you read this, have a look a the first part of the BICS 2010 report.

There were far too many pics this time, of far too many lovely people to fit into one post, so here are a few of the rest…..

Rob Davies and Warwick Jackson Cadwell were there for the day, Warwick with his new mini Kani and pages from the forthcoming Gungle, Rob with various postcards and some lovely prints. But what Rob did have, what nearly managed to get me in a lot of trouble with Mrs B when she heard, was a selection of pages from his Roy Of The Rovers strip from the 90s. The temptation to splash out on a couple was so, so very strong. Instead, I think I may have found a Christmas present for Mrs B to get for me.

Steve Tanner of Timebomb Comics with wife Suzanne and the gorgeous Sasha. Steve’s latest release London Calling looks absolutely great, expect a review soon. In fact, between little Sasha, Ian and Jane Edginton’s lovely two children and John McCrea’s children hanging out behing the Nostalgia stand, Sunday afternoon had a lovely feeling of a comic show creche.

And speaking of Andi Watson…..

Andi was there with some lovely artwork and spent all weekend sketching. There are a few Watson projects coming up in 2011, nd I’m sure you’ll hear about them on the FPI blog.

Alan Davis with something to say during one of his always popular signing sessions. Not pictured; Mark Farmer, who was busy chatting about Aston Villa in the distance.

Hunt Emerson, nursing a hand recently recovering from a Carpel Tunnel op (all is well, he had the sling on more to stop him drawing than anything) and Knockabout’s Tony Bennett. Knockabout’s Depresso is released in early November and is quite brilliant.

And really, isn’t it far past time we had some sort of hardback reissues of Hunt’s wonderful work?

Al Davison with a copy of his new book Hokusai: Demons, a copy of which is on the shelf right now. In fact, I do believe it’s the copy Al’s holding up there.

Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, the Harker boys, with news of an impending publishing deal, a sellout couple of collections and previews of their new monthly Gravestown, of which I have no doubt I’ll be talking more of in time.

DC artist Nicola Scott, taking time out from a very long line of fans waiting for sketches and signatures.

Olivier and the Cinebook crew, selling many, many fine examples of Euro-comics. Cinebook are a continuing success and proving, for once and for all that there is a definite market for the quality Euro-comics they are releasing.

New to many at BICS, but an old friend of mine, Matt Dixon was doing a steady trade in his lovely pin-up artwork all weekend.

Ian Edginton and Simon Gane, signing and sketching.

And finally, it’s far past time I mentioned the man without whom I wouldn’t have ended up here; Mr Phil Clarke. He’s the man who said yes when I applied for a job, many, many years ago at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. He’s an original, a founding father of the UK retail scene.

Without him, I’d not be here, my love of comics would never have developed and I don’t think I’ve ever really said thank you enough over the years. Here he is with Mike Higgs, artist on The Cloak and Moonbird. They are now fronting Blasé Books with copies of their book Great British Fantasy Comic Book Heroes (Paul Gravett covered it last year, and it was reviewed on Down The Tubes last September). Thanks Phil, it’s lovely to see you looking so well and enjoying comics after all these years.

And that’s it, that was BICS 2010. A fantastic time had by all, especially me. Thanks again to James, Shane and Andy. I hope to be reporting from it again in 2011.


I’ll be keeping this up to date over the next week or so with any new blog posts or news articles, but feel free to get in touch with a specific link in case I miss it.

Excerpt from the Jonathan Ross (with added Tommy Lee Edwards) panel at BICS 2010 – You Tube clip.

Alex Fitch was wandering around all weekend, microphone in hand tells us that he has interviews with Charles Vess and Peter Gross at Panel Borders right now. And future shows streamed at Resonance FM and available as a podcast at Panel Borders after transmission.

Future interviews recorded at BICS include Roger Gibson and Vince Danks of Harker at 5pm on the 28th October. An interview by Dickon with Yanick Paquette and Alex’s Nicola Scott interview will be broadcast on November 3rd.

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    Here’s the first part of a report from TCJ by Bart Croonenborgh. He says nice things about the Accent UK books,

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    Great article my good sir and I think many people in the Brum area would not be as passionate as they are without Mr Clarke