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Published On December 16, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Fans of Peter Bagge, take note : in the third (or actually, the fourth) issue of the Belgian”graphical press” El Rios, Bagge makes fun of how little he and his fellow Americans know about our little country by the sea.  El Rios is a beautiful publication by the Brussels design studio Coiffeurs Pour Dames, who manage to bring out a sixteen page, full colour, tabloid-sized magazine on heavy stock every three months and only charge € 10 for it.  In each issue they try to follow the news  (the magazine was originally intended as a rather anarchic column in the Belgian daily Le Soir), and this time, it’s the Belgian situation, and how to explain it to ever more perplexed foreigners.   In addition to Bagge, this issue also features comics and illustrations by Jean Bourgignon, Bruno Moldave and Philippe Nihoul and a host of others.

Incidentally, Coiffeurs Pour Dames is slowly but steadily evolving from a graphical production studio, mostly working as a provider of editorial illustration and cartoon work, advertisments and general merriment, into a full-fledged (albeit still small) publishing house.  In January they published Burt’s festival impressions (which originally ran in the summer of 2009 in the weekly Le Vif/L’Express Focus) as a handy, CD-sized booklet (actually packaged in a CD jewel case), and in September they published their first real book : Sois Pédagogique (Be pedagogical), the “notes of an adventurer of the mundane” by Fifi, chronickling his daily struggle with his less-than-motivated students and colleagues.  Now, if only those Belgian small-press cartoonists stopped using those silly aliases…

All books and publications from Coiffeurs Pour Dames are available around ze globe from their webshop.

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