All the little joys of being in Coupledom….

Published On February 10, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews


by Andrew Waugh

Self published


Here’s a little something that should warm the cockles of anyone who’s a fan of things like Mark Ellerby’s Ellerbisms or Adam Cadwell’s The Everyday. Yes, Coupledom by Andrew Waugh is yet another autobiog strip with pretty pictures, cartoony style and a focus on the daily life and relationship of the cartoonist in his late 20s.

It’s full of all the stuff you may expect; snapshots of a relationship, the little moments in every day that mean so little but, when counted up, form most of what makes us ourselves. Whether it’s pulling stupid faces, vegging out in front of the tele, random meaningless couple conversations, bad moods or the fun of the shared trump, Waugh covers it all in a series of six panel pages, full of an attractive, very clean, cutesy cartooning. There’s even a little sex thrown in (but all for the sake of a gag).

Criticisms of the style say there’s not really much going on. Just random couple stuff. All over far too quickly. Nothing substantial going on. But that’s rather missing the point I think. The joy of comics like this is the celebration of the moment, the simple pleasure in the everyday nothingness. And all that’s here in Coupledom.

It may not last that long and it wont change your life. But that’s not what Waugh was aiming for. I think he’d be happy if it occupied your time for a few minutes, made your day a little brighter and put a smile on your face as you recognise some of the moments here as small reflections of your own life. And that’s what I got out of Coupledom. I hope Waugh’s happy enough with that.

Here’s a little sampling of the book, done as a promo image taking odd panels from various strips:


And here’s a page in full:

coupledom 1

Andrew Waugh’s work is available through his ETSY store and be sure to look at his blog – This Means Waugh.

Richard Bruton.

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