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Published On May 27, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre, Interviews, Podcast

It’s Thursday and as we head towards a bank holiday weekend and the always unpredictable weather that entails it’s nice to know we have some audio options to sit in and listen to if the rains come down; as ever check the Panel Borders site for more details and links to podcasts of previous shows:

Strip! – From Wonderland with love, tonight at 5pm on Resonance FM, podcast afterwards on Panel Borders

In the last of this month’s shows about ‘cross-cultural comics’, Alex Fitch talks to Steffen P. Maarup about the collection of Danish comics he’s edited and translated into English: From Wonderland with love – Danish comics in the third Millennium, an anthology that surveys the current comics scene in Denmark and collects creators from outside the world of comics also, including illustrators and fine artists alongside their sequential art peers. Alex and Steffen also talk about the wider world of Danish comics, including Danes who have found work on American titles and the controversy over the dozen cartoon illustrations printed in the Jyllands-Posten (Jutland Post) which led to death threats for the creators.

This is the last in the current series of Strip!…  Next week on Thursday at 5pm and for the next 12 weeks, Gareth Brookes’ and Jimi Gherkin’s Alternate Press Half hour will be broadcast in this slot before Alex returns with a new series in September which will include interviews with Chris Claremont, Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes. There will be occasional additional broadcasts / Panel Borders podcasts over the Summer!

Reality Check: The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2010, online at Sci-Fi London

In the first of this year’s podcasts recorded at the most recent Sci-Fi London Festival, Graham Sleight and Alex Fitch talk to nominees for this year’s Arthur C. Clarke awards for SF literature and Graham also discusses this year’s short list with critic Niall Harrison. Authors discussing their work include China Miéville, Gwyneth Jones and Adam Roberts…

Previous podcasts:

I’m ready for my close-up: Shooting Paradise

Alex Fitch talks to director Michael Almereyda about his new film Paradise, which is currently screening at the ICA and shows the director’s typically avant-garde approach to the travelogue film by collating his home movie footage from the last decade into a thematic sequence of vignettes about the modern world. Alex also talks to Michael about working with David Lynch on the belated Dracula sequel Nadja, Wim Wenders on the script for Until the end of the world and making Hamlet with Ethan Hawke…

Panel Borders: Manga Jiman 2010

Continuing ‘cross cultural comics month’ on the show, we’re looking at the winners of last year’s Manga Jiman (Pride in Manga) competiton run by the Japanese Embassy in London to find the best new Japanese style comics made in the UK. Dickon Harris talks to the runners up – Zarina Liew and David Lander – about their entries to the competition and the crossover between British small press and manga styles in their work; while Alex Fitch talks to Yuri Kore about her winning entry “The boy who runs from the sun” and drawing comics again, having moved to Britain from the Manhwa industry in Korea. (Originally broadcast 20/05/10 on Resonance FM 104.4 FM)

Online magazine:

The latest issue of Electric Sheep Magazine is online now and this month’s theme is ‘Confined Spaces’ and features Alex Fitch’s reviews of Cube and Girl Number 9, Mark Stafford’s review of Lebanon, Matthew Sheret’s review of The Temptation of St Tony, this month’s competition winning review of Battle Royale and Chris Doherty‘s comic strip review of The Card Player.

We are very excited to present our very first Colonial Report from the Dominion of Canada from Careful producer Greg Klymkiw and we also have a feature on Magic Lanterns. In the Blog, we have a preview of the Terracotta Film Festival, and reviews of the Nippon Connection, American backwater documentary Zoomer and Iceland’s first horror film Reykjavik Whale-Watching Massacre.

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