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Published On February 18, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre, Interviews

It’s Thursday and that means its time for Alex Fitch to update us to the programmes he’s involved with for the next week; all the shows were recorded live in front of a genetically modified audience. As ever for more details and for links to podcasts of previous shows check the Panel Borders site.

Strip!: Little Terrors and (other) Psychiatric Tales, tonight at 5pm on Resonance FM, podcast afterwards on Panel Borders

Continuing our month long look at webcomics, Alex Fitch talks to two writer artists whose work started off telling fantastical tales, took a detour via stories set in Hell and its environs and are now doing work with a greater autobiographical element. Darryl Cunningham is the creator of the humourous superhero strip Super Sam and John by Night, whose sequel to that strip tells tales of the inferno, The Streets of San Diablo and more recently to critical acclaim has started rendering experiences from his day job in Psychiatric Tales; Jon Scrivens is the creator of Little Terrors, a popular strip that tells the tale of a friendly zombie who is trying to connect with his old friends, who have also turned into a variety of monsters, in the wake of an outbreak of the living dead. and Jon is just about to start on a new strip, When’s Graham, which mixes collegiate humour with a touch of time travel…

Psychiatric Tales E;ectro convulsive therapy Darryl Cunningham

(Electro convulsive therapy from the forthcoming Psychiatric Tales by and (c) Darryl Cunningham)


Reality Check: Directing low budget Science-Fiction films , part 1 online at ScFi London on Wednesday 24th

In a panel discussion recorded live at last year’s London Sciene-Fiction and Fantastic Film Festival, Alex Fitch discusses the many aspects of creating engaging and convincing SF scenarios on film with a quartet of eminent low budget film directors – Marc Caro (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children), Cory McAbee (Stingray Sam), Gerald McMorrow (Franklyn) and Richard Jobson (A Woman in Winter). The panel was sponsored by The Director’s Guild of Great Britain and Mr Caro’s translator was Virginie Selavy.

Previous podcasts:

Panel Borders: Comic Sushi and Public Servants

Continuing this month’s look at webcomics, Dickon Harris speaks to a couple of creators of very different strips at the Movies Comics and Manga expo in London’s Docklands. Liz Lunney creates a variety of humorous and cute animal strips under the anthology title ‘Online Comic Sushi’ which she has also printed in collections such as ‘Bears in your Face / The Man with Tetris on his Chin’ and ‘I Love Dinosaurs and they Love Me’ which led to her inclusion in the American Indie publisher Top Shelf’s collection of online comics, Top Shelf 2.0.

David O’Connell also makes family friendly comics in the form of his ongoing web strip ‘Tozo: The Public Servant’, a European ‘Clear line’ style comic reminiscent of Hergé, which tells the tale of a police inspector on the island city of Nova Venezia, who has been ordered to investigate the murder of Luco Lello, an employee of the Financial Exchange. His investigations include the mysterious but troublesome Spider Empire and the Ombra Society, led by the sinister Lady Magdalene, who travel by airship and Tozo is always accompanied by his sidekick, the mecha-golem ‘Klikker’!

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