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Published On February 20, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Interviews

Issue #7 of the popular 2000 AD themed small press comic Zarjaz is going to be dedicated entirely to the works of the one and only Pat Mills, one of the best known names in Brit comics (and a prolific writer who has probably helped shape the comics reading habits of a heck of a lot of us, from Doctor Who and Flesh to Marshal Law, Ro-Busters, Nemesis and Charley’s War). On the Quaequam Blog Dave announces the news, some belting cover art from Dave Kendall and even a quick Q&A with Pat himself, go and check it out (thanks to Matt B for the heads-up):

“Bolt-01: The recent crop of new ‘Pat Mills’ strips in 2000ad, along with the ongoing reprint treatment of your older works, has generated a lot of interest in the small press community to work with these characters, yet for reasons I’m not going into here this wasn’t officially permissible- Is there a reason you would like to share about what has changed your mind?

Pat Mills: I think because the threats I’ve mentioned above have receded. There’s a great deal more trust, respect and appreciation on every side which means I can relax a little. So it’s no longer a problem for me. Some eight or so years back that certainly wasn’t the case – in what I call The Dark Ages – and I could feel a real itch between my shoulder blades. You’ve only got to look at how Gerry Finley-Day – who actually is the (unsung) founder of modern British comics via Tammy (not me) – has sometimes been written about, with a lack of respect, and erased from the picture, to know it’s not paranoia on my part.

Zarjaz 7 Pat Mills Dave Kendall.jpg

(splendid Slaine cover art for Zarjaz #7 by Dave Kendall; Zarjaz #7 will launch in May and as well as the site I’m sure they’ll have copies at Bristol)

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