Who photographs the Watchmen?

Published On January 29, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

I’ll admit when I first heard of the Watchmen Film Portraits book I thought, cynically, that it was a bit of a marketing exercise, a chance to produce another film tie-in book. Its just arrived in our stores and I’ve had a look and it certainly isn’t some quickly made cash-in – actually it appears to be the opposite, it’s a large, over-sized hardback volume of some quite beautiful black and white portrait photography by Clay Enos, who was the official photographer on the Watchmen movie, documenting it while also working on this portraits project. It is, essentially, a large photography art book and is full of gorgeously reproduced portraits executed with that sort of luminescent quality that black and white can often convey, mixed with darker contrasts (why is it that black and white works so well for portraiture?). Obviously Clay has captured the lead actors but he also showcases supporting actors and a wide variety of actors from the extras ranks. Some of the photos are fascinating to look at for their character, texture, light – if you love photography work then you have to have a browse at this, its gorgeous.

Matt Frewer Moloch Watchmen movie portraits.jpg

(Matt Frewer as Edward Jacobi – Moloch – with what looks to me to be the floral wreath for the Comedian’s funeral; photo by Clay Enos, published by Titan)

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2 Responses to Who photographs the Watchmen?

  1. Kenny says:

    Totally superfluous, no comics fan needs this. Go buy some comics and support the industry which could do with you money more than some flashy photo book which won’t help anyone publish more comics.

  2. Hard to argue with Kenny, there!