We Are Words + Pictures: Robots for the cover, Covers EP for the insides (oh, the irony)

Published On October 8, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

We Are Words + Pictures: The Robot Zine & The Covers’ E.P.

by Matthew Sheret, Julia Scheele & Sarah Gordon.


w&p robots

w&p covers

(Two from Words + Pictures: top – The Robot Zine, bottom – The Covers Zine)

Two self published comic collections from the writers and artists who call themselves Words + Pictures. Nicely put together stuff.

The Robot Zine may well be worth it just for Sarah Gordon’s cover alone. It’s a beauty. And inside, the three strips all have much going for them; Matt Sheret’s photo fummetti of a robot man searching for a robot with a heart is sweet and nicely done, Sarah Gordon’s 4 pager has some cracking art whilst Julia Scheele’s music meets robotics strip has a funny little twist to it’s tale.

w&p robot-man-page-2

(Art by Matt Sheret from The Robot Zine)

w&p sarahpage3

(Art by Sarah Gordon from The Robot Zine)

But…… even though there’s much to like here, nothing really caught me or tugs at me, nothing made me engage and enjoy. Robot Zine was pleasant and nice. But I wanted more. Which brings me to The Covers E.P.

I suppose I was immediately more inclined to like The Covers E.P. from the start. In fact, the covering note from Julia (“don’t worry if you don’t want to review that one, most people prefer the Robot Zine”) had me rooting immediately for the underdog. But I prefer it on it’s own terms. Where Robot Zine is pretty but empty, The Covers E.P. has much more emotion and much more heart for me.

This one’s just by Sheret (words) and Scheele (pictures) and has three strips, each one done in a different and original style by Scheele. I’ve looked again and again and each time I swear I prefer a different one. They’re all lovely to look at. Similarly all three stories are great little moments captured – the wonders of friendship, of near obsessional love, or a marvellous gig and music that profoundly affects the listener. Fair enough the middle story Ghost In Me veers slightly towards VIth form poetry but it just about gets away with it. The other two stories – spot on.

w&p unguidedpage1lo-res

(A lovely first page from Unguided by Sheret and Scheele from The Covers EP)

w&p londonpage2lo-res

(Great page from another W+P Sheret & Scheele strip in The Covers EP)

We Are Words + Pictures have a website. They’re also starting up a regular new small press comic stall in London – only one event so far, but it certainly looks like it was great fun.  And each of the members have their own sites where the do their own thing. Details at the W+P site.

Richard Bruton.

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