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Published On July 19, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, News

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A long time ago, I wrote a review of Andi Watson’s new series; Glister. And I had this to say about it:

“past the gorgeousness and over the slightness. Next comes the reading. And the reading is fun. Lots of fun. Watson has switched back to his early style of cartooning to present a lighter, looser and more rounded cartoony style reminiscent of his earlier work on Skeleton Key, which, coincidentally is here as a backup strip. Personally I prefer the slightly more mature look to his four great works; Little Star, Breakfast Afternoon, Slow News Day & Love Fights. But Glister suits this style. It’s written for the style. It’s a fast, cutesy romp of a comic and works, as usual with an Andi Watson comic, perfectly.

Surely Andi Watson is worthy of the title greatest cartoonists in Britain by now? Certainly best young cartoonist. I’ve yet to read anything by him that doesn’t make my life a great deal better. And his body of work keeps getting better. Each year he consistently produces great works, yet manages to mix up style and content to seem fresh and new each time. Long may he continue.”

But Glister never really worked at Image, the company was never really the best place for a series specifically designed as all-ages, specifically designed for children and specifically designed for a completely new market in these modern times – young girls. So it floundered. Which was a terrible shame because with issue 2 Andi really upped the ante and turned in a story with all the fun of the first issue but some incredible sadness as well. Something went wrong at Image and the whole thing stalled.


Well Glister is back, this time being published closer to home by Walker Books, definitely a more comfortable home for an obvious all ages book. The first two books in the series, The Haunted Teapot and The House Hunt were published earlier this month and Andi tells us that there are two more scheduled: Glister, The Faerie Host out Jan 2010 and Glister, The Family Tree out March 2010. Over to Andi:

“Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up that the first two Glister books Glister:The Haunted Teapot and Glister: The House Hunt are out now in time for the school hols. Glister: The Faerie Host and the entirely new book Glister: The Family Tree both have release dates. All info here: There’s sneak preview art, pdf previews, ordering info etc etc all there.

Glister: The Haunted Teapot has lots of extras including:
Activities: make your own Glister biscuits with the recipe and design your own haunted teapot. Plus the short strips, “A Day in the Life of Philippa Veil” and “What Mr. Wilkes did Next”. Oh, and the insides are printed in a tasteful shades of dark red.
Glister: The House Hunt has extras including:
Activities: make a Glister stand-up plus a short illustrated story “Chilblain Hall and the Sunday Painters” and “Philippa Veil’s Postcards. The insides are printed in tasteful shades of dark blue.”

Like I’ve said many times in the past, Andi Watson is one the country’s finest cartoonists. I’ve never read a book of his that I haven’t loved. Glister should be required reading, whether you’re 6 or 60. It’s good to have it back.

Andi Watson online: website, live journal, Glister blog. Walker Books – Andi’s bio, Glister page.

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