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Published On August 23, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

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Over at the Previews site, Warren Ellis has a little introductory essay for his new Avatar series: Supergod. Now, anyone reading the reviews over the years will realise I have a love/love/hate/disappointment relationship with Ellis’ work. Most of the time he’s good, sometimes he’s great, sometimes it’s just not good enough. And it’s his Avatar work that I often find myself most disappointed with. Now Avatar know a good thing when they see it and having Ellis’ name on anything he throws their way is going to mean sales and profile. But all too often I get the impression he throws out an idea and a series is quickly developed for Avatar.

However over the last year or so, the hit rate for his Avatar series has been very good indeed, with things like Aetheric Mechanics, Anna Mercury, Ignition City, Crecy, Freakangels and Black Summer being very good indeed. So here’s his latest series: Supergod. Which, as with most of Ellis’ series for Avatar, has a really strong hook. But it’s always about how that hook tranlates into actual reading that the comics stand or fall. But based on the hook and his recent strong showing, this essay makes me think I’ll be picking it up:

Supergod is the story of what an actual superhuman arms race might be like. It’s a simple thing to imagine. Humans have been fashioning their own gods with their own hands since the dawn of our time on Earth. We can’t help ourselves…. Stewart Brand once paraphrased Edward Leach: “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.” And, perhaps, there’s still that little scratchy voice in the middle of the night: I don’t want to be alone. I want there to be something bigger, something that moves in mysterious ways and wants only the best for us. And I will forgive it, the disgusting state of this world, and all the things in it that want to crush and kill me, and have faith that something incredible and invisible and unknowable will make things better. And so (in Supergod), just to make sure, I will build it and keep it by me. I will pretend it’s a weapon, a defensive capability, a computing object or a construction machine — but really it is a Messiah.

But the Messiah, remember, is a very naughty boy.

And that was the line that had me spluttering out the coffee over the keyboard and made it worthy of sharing. Supergod #1 ships in October.

And on the subject of Ellis, he’s also announce a new 4 issue series for January 2010 and this is one of those that just pushes all of the right buttons for me: Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates Of Cindery Island.


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