Scrolling tales

Published On May 21, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

David Baillie pointed me in the direction of this unusual comics work by Tymothi J. Godek – you have to scroll along horizontally to follow the story. Its an interesting and unusual approach, although I have to say I’m with Down The Tube’s John Freeman in finding it rather unsuitable to the computer screen; I simply found it hard to follow having to scroll not only horizontally but often vertically too. But that’s perhaps an unfair criticism since it is really in the nature of a preview as Tymothi notes on his blog that he intends to actually print it at some point, but, understandably, it will take a bit of thought as to the physical format for the finished, printed piece, but I think that could look pretty damned cool.

Story so far Tymothi J. Godek.jpg

(a segment of Story so far by and (c) Tymothi J. Godek)

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2 Responses to Scrolling tales

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I’d like to point out that the title of the story is actually “!” (just an exclamation point). I guess I never made that explicit at the web page when I finished collecting the draft pages. “The Story So Far…” part comes from when I was posting each page piecemeal.

    My revisions are almost finished, so look for the final version(s) to appear later this year.
    (and, yeah, the up/down part of the scrolling will be fixed)

  2. Kenny says:

    Nice piece of work – reminds me a little of the Shaky Kane (format not content) thing from the other year ‘Monster Truck’ on the web that was one long scrolling piece – when he printed it he printed it like a postcard book – only right hand pages had images. Not sure that entirley worked either. A fold out might like the Xavier Robel Elvis (i think) thing from a couple of years back but it was very unwieldy to use. Hard problem to print well.