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Published On August 9, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Conventions and events

We have comic conventions over here in the UK. They’re relatively small, pleasant things. Full of people with a love for comic books and a great place to spend all night getting drunk networking with fans and comic folk in the bars afterwards.

America also has comic conventions. These appear to be huge things, requiring marathon training just to get into the sorts of shape required to walk from one end of them to the other. They’re packed with insane people, often wearing incredibly weird (and wonderful) costumes. They’re hot, sweaty, manic beyond reason and one day there’s going to be a case of Comic Con flu that will wipe out the entire comic community in the US in one go. And the recent San Diego Comic Con is the comic convention to dwarf the rest.This year it was bigger than ever and it had a new phenomenon: Twilight. Manic moms queing up for hours and hours and hours just to save a space in the line for their rather obsessed offspring:

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(The twilight camp out and one attendees reaction. Both images from Heidi’s Beat writeup.)

There have been many, many write ups of the event over the last few days. But of these, as usual, the two you really need to read are:

Heidi McDonald’s mammoth piece on The Beat: SD09: The New Invaders:

“there are now three new classes of invaders: Total Douchebags, Locals, and Twilighters who are crowding out the Original ‘Tooners.”

Tom Spurgeon’s roundup and handy archived link list of other people’s reports:

“I feel there’s a good comic-con to be had at San Diego that has nothing to do with whatever people who like that one vampire movie that didn’t make as much money as Kung Fu Panda made. Or whatever the next version of that thing will be. Just literally nothing to do with that stuff. It’s possible to ignore 99 percent of the bullshit that’s down there if you want, or even to dabble in it without anything sticking to you if that’s your thing. I’m sure there are tons of Hollywood douchebags roaming the halls, but few if any of them are in the Darwyn Cooke spotlight panel or in line to meet Pat Oliphant, you know?”

Personally I think I’m quite happy with the smaller scale, more sociable and tremendous fun of the UK comic con scene.

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