Real superheroes car-pool

Published On August 10, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

Batman Captain America in a Mini

Yes, that is Captain American and Batman sharing a ride in a Mini; with petroleum prices increasing and supplies dwindling, not to mention the pollution caused by cars our superheroes are teaming up to fight crime by carpooling.

Spider-Man in a Mini

Meanwhile Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, enjoys a well earned vacation driving around Scottish beauty spots.

older Wonder Woman

Mind you, I think Wonder Woman may have let herself go a bit, but hey, how’s a hard-working gal to keep up that physically perfect Amazonian physique in the real world? Maybe George PĂ©rez airbrushes her in the comics like those pictures of Keira K that were in the news last week and this is actually what she looks like?

Okay, I’ll admit it, these were some of the folks in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s annual Cavalcade which marks the start of the world’s biggest arts festival (the Cavalcade alone took almost an hour and a half to pass us) I was enjoying on Sunday, thought you might enjoy them. Its not everyday you see Spider-Man driving a convertible Mini in Edinburgh… (click the pics for the larger versions on Flickr)

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