Propaganda gets Massacred ….

Published On January 21, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, General, Reviews

Massacre For Boys Presents: Walking Wounded

By Chris Denton & Steven Denton.

Walking Wounded Issue 1.jpg

(Walking Wounded issue 1. Does exactly what it says on the cover. Art by Steven Denton)

Time for a little old fashioned boys own adventure here. It’s nothing cerebral, nothing challenging. It’s a comic equivalent of a good war movie. Think of the fun of Where Eagles Dare or Guns Of Naverone and you’ve got the tone of Walking Wounded just right. Fun, fast entertaining but not too strenuous a read. There’s a dash of black humour but whether the Walking Wounded platoon are defending an island from Nazi Zombie hoards or helping future French prime ministers defeat superpowered Nazis it’s all out action all the way through both issues.

Walking Wounded Issue 2.jpg

(Walking Wounded issue 2. Art by Steven Denton.)

With the art Steven Denton is working very hard, sometimes too hard and the panels can have a little too much detailing. But at times he pulls off a good Chris Weston impression and his art does improve greatly even across these two issues. Some of his more recent work sees his art getting more and more refined, so, like much small press first steps I’ll give Steven the benefit of the doubt here. Most importantly he’s able to lay a page out well and lets the action flow nicely.


Walking Wounded isn’t breaking any new ground, but it’s not trying to. It’s simply a fun, entertaining little war adventure and there’s still a place in todays comics for that.

Walking Wounded is currently up to issue 2, available from the publishers and from the FPI webstore. Issue 3 and the anthology Massacre For Boys In Colour is in the works. The Denton Brothers have also had a Holt Bros strip in Judge Dredd Megazine #261.

Massacre For Boys 1.jpg

Massacre For Boys online: Massacre For Boys website, Massacre For Boys blog.

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