Ninja Bunny Returns in Attack Of The Clone…

Published On June 29, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny Book 3: Attack Of The Clone

by Philip Spence

Self Published


(The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny: Attack Of The Clone – Virtually life sized.)

This is the third outing for Philip Spence’s Ninja Bunny (and the third time I’ve reviewed it – here’s the first, and the follow up). It’s still the same strip, so you can take it for granted that everything I said then applies here:

The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny …. all out fighting bunny action, one panel per page, and each and every page is lovingly drawn and delightfully told with a confident, easy art style. It might not be commercial, but it’s definitely worthwhile. It’s fun and light and silly but it’s great entertainment and as such, great art. You’ll read it, like I did, from cover to cover with a huge smile on your face. 

When last I looked at Ninja Bunny it was the online webcomic; full-colour single panels of loveliness. This is the third installment of his Ninja Bunny Adventures comic; same bunny, just as much fun, but in black and white and more of a standard comic with more story driven narrative. Just like the previous volume, Ninja Bunny is a tiny comic, each page roughly four inches by three inches square, but it’s size merely adds to the fun. It’s a great object as well as a great comic.

Just like the previous volume of Ninja Bunny, this latest volume; Attack Of The Clone, finds our little ninja bunny under attack. But this isn’t a Ninja Cat like last time, this is something far more sinister, or, as Philip puts it on the website;

Ninja Bunny’s latest adventure sees him running for dear life against a fatal enemy …himself! An action packed adventure set in the Cave of Destiny reveals more of our heroes past and future as nunchucks and swords clash.



(On the run from the mysterious and deadly Ersatz, Ninja Bunny spies a strange cave, filled with familiar images… From Philip Spence’s The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny.)

Ninja Bunny’s fleeing from the mysterious Ersatz, a virtual mirror image of our hero, with only the weapons to tell the pair apart. Chance, or fate, takes them into the mysterious Cave Of Destiny where, surrounded by statues and cave paintings of all too familiar Ninja Bunnies, it’s nunchaks versus swords with only one making it out alive.


(The nunchaks are flying, the Bunny’s reeling. Only one of these Ninja Bunnies is getting out of this cave alive…. From Philip Spence’s The Adventures Of Ninja Bunny)

This third outing for Ninja Bunny is a slightly thinner volume than previous; only 36 pages underneath that simple, evocative yellow card cover, with each panel taking a single, dialogue free page. Attack Of The Clone can be read quickly as a simple and fun chase and fight tale, but it’s far more fun to start wondering about where this mysterious Ersatz comes from (Ersatz itself meaning substitute or replacement). I could cheat and ask Philip, but it’s far better to speculate; does we take his words; “running for dear life against a fatal enemy … himself” to just mean an identical Bunny? a rival bunny? a long lost brother? or are the words on Philip’s website more literal? Is Ninja Bunny just doing battle with himself, having some existential confrontation inside the Cave Of Destiny.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it? It doesn’t really matter, take it as some deep treatise on the conflict of the self or take it as a great little comic with a couple of ninja bunnies doing battle, either way it’s quite lovely. The artwork is no less enchanting or expressive for it’s size, the action no less perfectly choreographed. Most of all, Ninja Bunny is just fantastically good fun.

You can get all of Philip’s Ninja Bunny comics as well as a couple of very funky Ninja Bunny badge sets and a great colour your own bunnies T-shirt direct from the artist at or email But the fun shouldn’t stop there as Ninja Bunny, the webcomic is now into it’s fifth year with no end of great strips to entertain you. Join in with all the Ninja Bunny fun. You certainly won’t regret it.

Richard Bruton.

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