Mawil and Trondheim at the Goethe

Published On November 30, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

Mawil and Trondheim at Goethe Institut 07 forbidden planet blog

(Lewis Trondheim, Mawil and Marc Baines at the Goethe in Glasgow, overseen by Mr O and Mr I)

Okay, when I posted up the report of last week’s wonderful European comics night with Germany’s Mawil and France’s Lewis Trondheim organised by the Goethe Institut and the Alliance Français in Glasgow I teased you by alluding to some audio of the event. Mawil, Lewis and Marc Baines were kind enough to allow me to record the gig; its on a pocket recorder so its not up there in terms of audio quality with the events our friends at the Edinburgh Book Festival allowed us to borrow and share a couple of months ago, but its still listenable and you can hear the boys okay so I thought some of you might appreciate a chance to listen to it (its around an hour and a half running time roughly).


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