Laura Howell has a really stupid idea…..

Published On December 17, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Comic Pie #1 & 2

by Laura Howell

Self Published

Comic Pie 1 Laura Howell Tales from the Crust Strip a day Spectacular

Why has Laura Howell had a stupid idea you ask? Well, what else do you call her bi-annual Strip-A-Day month long spectacular? She did it in 2007, she did it in 2009 and god help her, she may even do it again in 2011. The brief is simple; a new comic strip every single day for a month. Wow. Dedication.

Now I’ve looked at Laura’s work before – here, and Joe’s featured the Strip-A-Day Spectacular idea here on the blog, most recently here and I followed the strip-tacular online. But there’s honestly nothing like settling down with a cuppa and a real, honest to goodness, feel the paper under your fingers comic. Especially when it’s as consistently funny as Laura Howell’s stuff is.

That she managed these daily is rather amazing. That they’re all pretty funny and/or interesting is wonderful. That she’s deliberately mixing up her style every day, experimenting and stretching herself and still coming up with some great work – well that really is a sign she’s not very well isn’t it?

laura howell 1

(Laura Howell’s work; accomplished and funny and all done in a day? From Comic Pie #2 by Laura Howell)

In the pages of Comic Pie 1 & 2 you’ll see an enormous variety of funny strips, one, two or three pagers, some just simple gags, others deliberately stupid, some more autobiographical tales. But they are all, every single one of them, far too good to be done in one day. Maybe she lied?

laura howell 2

(This one caught me at exactly the wrong moment with a cup of coffee. Giggle, splutter, spill. From Laura Howell’s Comic Pie)

Anyway, with this sort of comic there’s very little point me trying to really review it in a traditional way, talking over the themes, the styles etc etc <yawn>. Far, far better I think to just select a few of the ones I thought funniest and then point out that if you liked these there are two whole comics full of this sort of thing available from Laura at conventions, from Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham and from Laura online at her shop. And, should you rather read them online they’re all available, including some that didn’t make it into these collections at Laura’s website. But I’d get the comics if I were you, if you spill your coffee with laughter over a comic it’s okay, but doing it over your computer tends to get expensive.

laua auto

(and finally…. proof that Laura doesn’t just do very, very funny gag strips. She also does very good, nicely observed autobiog. From Laura Howell’s Comic Pie. Go and buy some pie.)

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