Jim Baen’s Universe mag closing

Published On August 6, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | General

SF Signal reports that the online Jim Baen’s Universe science fiction magazine is to close. Over on the JBU site they explain that they simply don’t have the subscriber numbers to keep the mag as a worthwhile concern – the JBU pays SF&F writers properly for the fiction they contribute, which obviously means they need to make money to enable them to pay those writers. Its not going to be a sudden close, the final issue will be next Easter and both subscribers and any writers who have a contract will not be left short-changed the site promises.

Still, its a shame – short fiction has long been a hugely important part of science fiction, a proving ground for new talent, a place for them to establish a reputation and be noticed by publishers and also to start establishing a readership, not to mention a good place for readers to find new authors they like in a more accessible and low cost way; sad to see another place which encouraged new short fiction going.

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