Iron Man 2 trailer

Published On December 17, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Mighty Marvel has posted a Christmas treat for comics and movie fans with an Iron Man 2 trailer; we may have to wait until May to catch the full film (although we have star Robert Downey Jr on our screens next week with Sherlock Holmes, which looks nothing like actual Sherlock Holmes really, but does look like huge fun), but meantime enjoy this!

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4 Responses to Iron Man 2 trailer

  1. Iron Man Schmiron Man! When are they gona make another Howard the Duck movie, That’s what I want to know!

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  3. piano says:

    It starts with a bang from the great moves by Robert Downey Jr. and the witty one liners. Followed by the crazy iron man tricks. Slightly better than the first movie in terms of action. What it really lacks is a true storyline. While some may say it definitely is better than the first I beg to differ. Robert Downey Jr. simply manages to play a drunk crazy old rich fool who thinks he knows it all. The villain is smart and sometimes more appealing that Mr. Stark. Scarlett Johansson is as gorgeous as ever. She didn’t look this good even in Lost in Translation. The action is great, the story decent the movie above average. If you love comics you’ll love this one. It got me back to reading comic books and I hope it has the same domino effect on you as well…

  4. Ryse Edwards says:

    The hype for Iron Man 2 to be great was pretty big, by me anyway. But i was let down considerably. Sequels are usually the ones that are much harder to get right and pull of, and Iron Man 2 nearly falls flat. The last thirty minutes are diabolically bad compared to the rest of the film, which, whilst it lasted, was pretty damn good. Things that could have certainly been improved upon were; Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, who i didn’t think had enough screen time, and could have been fleshed out slightly better. The introduction of War Machine fighting alongside his ally Iron Man, was completely inappropriate as it made the climactic fight sequence corny and stupid. His fight with Iron Man at Starks home was also un called for, as if the director was adding the sequence just for the sake for a longer running time. Also, Starks witty personality died out pretty quickly, so we are left annoyed and pleading him to stop by the credits.