Francesca Cassavetti’s The Most Natural Thing In The World – collected edition

Published On January 29, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The Most Natural Thing In The World

by Francesca Cassavetti

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Those with a good memory may remember me reviewing this one a while back when Francesca kindly sent me the individual comics. And after enough positive feedback she’s now decided to collect all four issues plus a 2007 mini-comic into this delightful little package, wrapped up in the cover above.

Here’s some of what I thought of it back then:

This is far better than any self help guide. Think of it as an essential Rough Guide to having a baby. There’s none of the rubbish normally associated with the whole thing, none of this talk of the wonder of being parents, none of the joys of pregnancy and childbirth. This is a parents 101 with all the terrible and important details left in.

The Most Natural Thing In The World is a lovely, informative and downright funny look at those most difficult times. Perfect reading for those 4am moments when little one has decided that they want you awake desperately trying to figure out what it is that they want.

And nothing has changed in-between. It’s still funny and informative and a great “how-to” guide for practical parenting, whether or not you have children. The collection also includes a previously published 14 page mini comic; Shadow Of The Curriculum which deals with the ongoing trauma that children present, this time the never-ending battle between homework, computer games and the great outdoors. It’s just as well realised, just as spot on in the parent vs child battles as TMNTITW was with observations of new parenthood. I’d cheerfully read anything that Cassavetti publishes, but after reading these two tales of her parenting adventures I have to say that I’d personally really love to see some more. And that’s the wonderful thing about children; they are a never-ending source of ridiculous stories. But unlike 99% of the parents out there, Cassavetti can make this wonderful source material into a wonderful, interesting and entertaining narrative.
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(Still my favourite sequence in the book. That moment of terrifying realisation. It’s tiny, defenseless, alien and utterly dependent upon you for the rest of your life.)

Cassavetti’s wonderfully relaxed cartooning and perfectly observed writing is available from comic shows, from whatever London Underground Comics decides to do next after Camden and from Cassavetti’s webstore. It’s well worth it.

Richard Bruton.

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  1. Jim Medway says:

    excellent comic, and really helped us through it!