Even Doc Manhattan can’t be everywhere…

Published On March 3, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

And the Watchmen movie marketing rolls on in the last few days before the film’s release at the end of this week, with another new video just added:

I do find it slightly odd though that the production team have put a lot of effort into keeping the film in the public eye over the months, especially using the web with a blog, online diaries and most recently the New Frontiersman with this ongoing series of viral videos (the last of which goes out tomorrow, I’m told) and yet the studio bods only organised press preview screenings for London and gave the media in the rest of the UK the old rubber ear treatment (including me, I might add; I was supposed to see it before appearing on Radio Scotland later this week, but no screening for the media up here, a pretty big oversight after such a big media campaign for a major movie).

Jenny at Rubber Republic tells me that there’s another interesting little touch for Watchmen fans to look out for later this week – on Thursday in France and Friday in the UK and Italy the free Metro newspaper (usually given away by the shovel load on city streets, rail stations and buses) will come ‘wrapped’ as the New Frontiersman.

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