Death by chocolate

Published On July 9, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | General

The BBC site has news of a horrible and very unusual industrial accident where a man fell into a vat of hot chocolate at work and sadly lost his life. And I know it is rather ghoulish, but it suddenly reminded me of David Yurkovich’s very interesting Death by Chocolate, in which our central character, a chocolatier, is having a tour of a Swiss chocolate manufacturer’s premises, finds a secret area controlled by stolen alien technology and ends up dunked in the vat. Although unlike the unfortunate man in the news story, this being comics he doesn’t die but becomes a chocolate man in a brilliant parody of 60s superhero origin stories. I loved the book and normally its fascinating to see life imitating art, but in this case, sadly, its disturbing how a cartoonish demise from a comic book became all too real for one poor soul; life and indeed death can often be as strange (sometimes stranger) than fiction.

Death by Chocolate Redux David Yurkovich

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