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Published On August 4, 2009 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Conventions and events

Cheryl Morgan has significantly expanded on her excellent live blogging coverage of events like this year’s Bristol comics show and is now offering up a very intriguing looking new site – Convention Reporter. She’s been talking to a number of people and now has several contributors who are going to add their feeds to give happening coverage of the upcoming Worldcon, Anticipation in Montreal, one of the major world science fiction events, so with a number of people contributing we should see more coverage of more events at the con as well as more differing opinions. Cheryl’s hoping to have live coverage of the prestigious Hugo Awards, while some others who can’t make the convention will be sifting through the reports looking for interesting material to highlight to readers. Sounds like a terrific service for those of us who can’t make Worldcon – I’d suggest anyone interested in SF&F bookmarks it now. Anticipation begins in just a couple of days time and continues on over the coming weekend.

Anticipation Worldcon

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