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Published On December 29, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Bostin Heroes 2: Godvilla

by Matthew Craig and Jack Davies

Bostin Group

Bostin Heroes 2 cover

More tales of superhero daring-do from the depths of the Black Country (a particularly strange place in the Midlands – think Cornwall but more down to earth). After seeing the team’s  formation in the first issue (review), we spend this issue battling a big, nasty monster – well, if it was good enough for the Fantastic Four, then I think Matthew Craig’s allowed to follow the same route. This new superteam is only just finding it’s feet though and finds itself completely out of it’s depth fighting something very big, scaly and intent on destroying most of Birmingham. In between this fight across the city we get to see the team testing their newfound abilities in the teams danger room equivalent deep beneath Dudley Castle.

We even get to see a cameo from Birmingham’s favourite comic shop, Nostalgia & Comics:

Bostin Heroes11

(Yep, “Get the broom Dave”. Nostalgia & Comics falls foul of the Bostin Heroes city wide monster fight. From Bostin Heroes issue 2 by Matthew Craig and Jack Davies. © Bostin Group.)

As with issue 1, it’s rough and ready, Matthew works the action and the quieter moments very well, utilising the classic Moore switch of using a panel transitions to get from action in the now to quieter, related moment in the then. There’s also a fair number of, if not laughs, then certainly smiles through the comic.

The artwork by Davies is still rough, too rough in parts – most of the action sequences are handled well enough, but there are a couple of scenes where he loses focus and we lose all track of what’s meant to be going on. And it still reminds me of very early Alan Davies – which is no bad thing.

Bostin Heroes12

(The Bostin Heroes undergo their training, “You are here to learn….. This might take a while” – that raised a smile when I read it. From Bostin Heroes issue 2 by Matthew Craig and Jack Davies. © Bostin Group.)

Bostin Heroes reminds me of early Marvel comics – with all the roughness, simplicity and innocence that entails. And that’s really no bad thing – it’s a simple, fun little superhero fight comic and whether you like it or not will depend on how fond of those you are.

The story can be followed at Bostin’ Heroes online (

(* and I’m allowed to call it Yam Yam land – I was born and bred there)

Richard Bruton.

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