At last – comics for real Manly Boys!

Published On October 15, 2009 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The Manly Boys Annual

by Steven Tillotson & Gareth Brookes

An Appalling Nonsense / Banal Pig Production

Manly Boys 1

Imagine Viz crossed with those horrible “Boy’s Books Of Doing Lots Of Things Your Dad Thinks Are Cool But You Will Hate” that seem to infest the bestseller charts at Christmas. That’s The Manly Boys Annual by Steven Tillotson and Gareth Brookes. Both gents have appeared on these pages before with various issuings from Gareth here and the great Banal Pig Landscape Anthology here.

And if you can’t tell from the cover above it’s all designed with it’s tongue (and a few other organs) pressed firmly in cheek….. Everything in here is meant to offend at least someone so let’s start with something taking the piss out of the army life. (Bear in mind that the last time we ran anything on the FPI blog of mine that dealt with army life it was Kyle Baker’s Special Forces and we still regularly get some fantastically venomous hate mail over that from some wonderfully patriotic American chaps. But let’s see if the British can at least spell their swear words right in the comments….)

Manly Boys1

(Manly Boys advice to prospective soldiers everywhere. Join up, see the world, meet interesting people. Kill them. As the old joke goes.)

And after that, how about a little harmless word search? What could possibly be offensive about that? Oh. Okay. I see what they mean now. That’s not very nice at all is it?

Manly Boys2

(Not the wordsearch you used to do back in school. But maybe you just went to the wrong sort of school you nasty little oik you.)

All bloody good fun. Perfect for those days when you’re recovering from the latest round of fagging in the boy’s dorms. Of course, there are comics in there as well as the informative and illuminating articles. And they’re just as likely to amuse….

Manly Boys3

All in all it’s a very nicely done piece of fun from Gareth and Steve. Available from both gentlemen’s websites – that’s here and here.

And remember children, as Gareth and Steven kindly tell us:


Richard Bruton.

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2 Responses to At last – comics for real Manly Boys!

  1. Shug says:

    Without a doubt, the funniest small press comic I’ve ever read. Brilliant stuff!

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