Warren Ellis’ hand on ebay …. ?

Published On June 25, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | Conventions and events, General

In a dire warning to other best selling comic writers out there it appears Mr Ellis, writer of such periodicals of note as Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Fell, Crecy and many more, has suffered a hand detachment issue at a recent comic convention.
One shocked fan was reported to have said:

“I was shocked. One minute I was shaking his hand asking when the Spider Jerusalem Lazerus Churchyard team up was going to be published and the next thing I know his hand just came away from his wrist. At first I was shocked, but I soon realised the money I could make from this on ebay and legged it”


(Warren Ellis’ hand – last seen somewhere on ebay?)

Alternatively, read this from Warren Ellis, who is off to Chicago for the comic con June 26-29:

I’ll post my signing schedule for the Chicago con when I get home. Five hours a day minimum. I’m the show’s guest of honour, and they figure there’ll be a lot of books for me to deface.

So Avatar Press tell me they’ve gotten me a hand brace for this show. Which makes me feel like a cripple, frankly. But when I got into this business, I never thought I’d be shaking more hands in a long weekend than a presidential candidate does in a month.

It’s a strange world we live in where we have to have convention strategies for hand shaking! But it does give us poor Brits some idea of how very, very big these America mega-shows can be.

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