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Published On April 29, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, News

Mark Seddon spotted what sounds like a lot of comics-themed fun (and for a good cause) at the weekend – the Superhero Challenge. Click the pics to see the larger versions.

shera wolverine buzz lightyear superhero challenge.jpg

(Wolverine, Buzz Lightyear and She-Ra, Princess of Power running for charity on the Brighton seafront; pic courtesy of Mark Seddon)

The event on Saturday 26th saw people in superhero costumes running five and ten kilometres courses in Brighton, including along the south coast resort’s famous seafront. The money raised goes to the charity Passing It On, which is a community charity involved in a number of good works to help those who need it, including the very laudable aim of helping to raise money for a new school to be built in Kenya (for more details check out the Passing It On and the Superhero Challenge sites).

iron man superhero challenge Brighton.jpg

(Iron Man was disappointed to find that the rules of the race forbade his use of his flight abilities. Seriously, this bloke must have been suffering running in this costume and trying to breathe hard through the mask, well done him; pic courtesy of Mark Seddon)

she hulk passing it on superhero challenge brighton.jpg

(She Hulk doing her bit for charity – I hate to think how hard it is to exercise while covered in this make-up, props to this jade runner; pic courtesy Mark Seddon)

It all looks like terrific fun and I’m glad to see our unpredictable British weather appears to have been kind to the charity runners on the day. Its not uncommon to see people running for charity dressed in costumes during marathons and the like but its not so common to see masses of superhero costumed athletes all running together. I have trouble running for my bus let alone running ten klicks wearing a comics-themed costume and make-up so I take my hat off to the folks who organised and took part in this. And big thanks to Mark for being so kind as to send us in some of the pictures he took on the seafront (especially as I hadn’t even heard of the event until he told me about it) – thanks, Mark! Let’s hope they raised a good sum and will be doing it again next year.

best costume winners superhero challenge.jpg

(the best costume winners – I especially like the chap on the left who is either Wonder, er, Man or a transvestite Wonder Woman. Class! Again pic courtesy of Mark Seddon)

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  1. Alex says:

    Wow… time for me to dust off my superman costume…