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Published On March 27, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Interviews

As I mentioned the other day Trains Are Mint creator Oliver East will be writing on comics from this side of the pond for the Daily Cross Hatch. And he’s kicking off with an interview with fellow Brit small press creator Steven Tillotson, the man who has gleefully inflicted the Banal Pig upon a world which may not be ready for it but clearly needs it. Among the various subjects which crop up is just why Steve is one of the few in the British small press scene who do straight-out humour:

Steven Tillotson Banal Pig.jpg

(some panels from Banal Pig, (c) Steven Tillotson)

“There’s not a lot of piss-yourself funny in the small press. Of course I have to mention my old bum chum Gareth Brookes who collaborates with me but also makes his own comics—the Man Man series and others. Always good for a giggle. There’s quite a lot of gentle humour in the small press, and weird stuff but not much blatant humour. It’s subjective but I think it is pretty hard to pull off, much easier to do some angsty rubbish or something. One of the first small press things I bought was Paul Rainey’s Book Of Lists, which really tickled me, specifically the list of farts (featuring the “hot egg,” amongst others). If a comic can make me snort out a chuckle, I’ll buy it. Otherwise, one of my favourite small press comics is Green by Daniel Locke, which is quite poetic and understated and really nicely drawn.” Go and read the rest.

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