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Published On August 22, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | News

You’ll hopefully forgive the almost repeat posting, but like I said before, we like Spleenal here on the FPI blog. He’s funny, draws some great stuff, but would be considered a really risky prospect to many publishers as his outlook is slightly, shall we say, un-PC.

However, our own Kenny Penman, one of the directors of FPI and co-publisher of Blank Slate Books has just confirmed, over on the Blank Slate blog, that he’s got the Spleenal book deal all sorted and the actual book should be out by February 2009.


(Potential cover rough of the Spleenal collection, coming out in February from Blank Slate)

Over to Kenny:

So, here’s the thing, what do you do when someone sends you a comic which is both beautifully drawn and very funny but at the same time about as lacking in political correctness as you can get. That’s Spleenal, Nigel Auchterlounie’s fantastic, totally misanthropic comics creation. At first I wondered about it, too many years of reading the Guardian obviously oversensitising me to some of Spleenal’s more endearing moments – like the constant use of bitch when referring to womenfolk, general obsession with sex or rampant obnoxiousness. More I thought about it though I realised how much I enjoyed the cartooning and manic energy of it all. Then Isobel, our translator and editor, read it and laughed her socks off. Right, deal done then, we’ll publish that. 

For more Spleenal, there’s our review of his work and his website to go and have a look around.

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