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Published On May 7, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

You may not know it but artist and writer Al Davison has another notch on his bow, that of live performer. This week sees a performance of Scar Tissue, a one man show which draws on his personal and family history and his own comics material such as The Spiral Cage: “I have performed this show all over Britain, but this is the first performance since I opened my studio here in Coventry. I’ve revised it to include more of my family’s history, including my great aunt Emily Davison, the Suffragette who famously died under the king’s horse at the Derby in 1913. I want to show my own experiences of dealing with violence in the context of the cycle of violence that has been perpetuated through the family for over 100 years, including two world wars.”

Al Davison Spiral Cage page.jpg

(a page from Al’s The Spiral Cage dealing with his own life coping with spina bifida; (c) Al Davison)

Scar Tissue will be on at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry on Thursday May 8th from 7 to 9pm; according to the Herbert site Al will also be giving a workshop for people with first hand experience of disability, showing how those disabilities can be portrayed through art.

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