Propaganda’s Vented Spleenal

Published On May 1, 2008 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

It’s strange how comics synchronicity works. A long time ago, I got a comment on my blog and following it up I came to Where I Vent My Spleen, the weblog of Spleenal.

Then a little more digging and a name and a graphic novel spring out: Gone by Nigel Auchterlounie, review here. I remember this one from a long time ago back when I used to work at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham.

It seems that since then Nigel has had a bit of a re-invention and is now working, married and has children. He’s also full of stress, bile and, most importantly for us, funny stuff.

Possibly the nearest I can get to describing it is Grumpy Old Men, but with lots more sex, internet porn, lechery, swearing, depression, misery and looking back on a youth gone the way of our hair, because Spleenal is angry and fed up about just about everything and determined to beat the world in whatever ways he can:


But just occasionally he lets the mask of not giving a toss slip and there’s a moment of clarity, or something as lovely as this:


Recently, Spleenal’s begun to move into extended stories, and is currently into a great story: Spleenal Unbound, wherein our depressive, aggressive and generally pissed off hero attempts to get his life together a bit more, bit is hampered at every turn by the wife, the kids, his idiot boss and crappy job, and eventually his quack doctor and some dubious little pills.


(Part 1 of Spleenal Unbound)

Spleenal’s stuff is not for the faint hearted, but it’s good and it’s funny. Artistically Spleenal is doing some lovely things, even amongst all of the anger and bile, those nice lines and good layouts keep grabbing your attention. So point yourselves over to his weblog, Flickr pages and take a deep breath before diving in.

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  1. spleenal says:

    Thanks loads for all the support.
    If your chain of international comic megastores ever needs a hand up i’ll do what I can.
    thanks again.