Propaganda – Kill Your Boyfriend

Published On June 8, 2008 | By Richard Bruton | Reviews

Kill Your Boyfriend

by Grant Morrison & Philip Bond.


“I’m a page three girl. I’m a Warhol superstar. I’m a dyke. I’m a riot grrrrl. I’m the Queen of Sex. I’m a housewife with a jar of rat poison.”

Welcome to Kill Your Boyfriend. In which Mr. Grant Morrison & Mr. Philip Bond weave a tale of young love.

Just an everyday story of innocent young girl meets wrong side of the tracks boy, girl falls for boy, boy takes girl on violent rampage through English suburb. This is adolescence with attitude.
Lots of attitude. & guns, drugs, bombs, crossdressing, weird cults, magical mystery buses, dadaesque art movements & general rudeness to old, boring people.

Think back to when you were young. This is what you always wanted to do, admit it. Except you were too normal, too dull & frankly, you could only ever dream about doing this sort of thing.

Just imagine, if you’d have just put a little more effort into being young this could be autobiographical. But just like the rest of us, you’ll just have to read the dream.


(“I seem to have a vacancy for a boyfriend. Interested?”. Panels from KYB by Philip Bond. grabbed from Philip Bond’s website.)

Kill Your Boyfriend. Page after page of brilliantly funky writing, fantasy, escapism, with lots of lovely pictures from the talented & often overlooked Philip Bond.
Lots of attitude & lots of fun.

Sadly Kill Your Boyfriend is out of print and has been for some time. But surely this is precisely the sort of book that DC/Vertigo need to have out there on the shelves? It was one of the must stock books back in Nostalgia & Comics and had a habit of flying off the shelves to comic and non-comic fans alike. And whilst we’re asking about books that deserve a collection – what about Phillp Bond’s Wired World?

Well, as a public service to you, dear readers, I emailed to ask. And this is what Philip said:

I know there was recently some talk at Vertigo about reprinting Kill Your Boyfriend but no one seems to know if the men-in-suits made a real decision. Obviously if it’s that vague there’ll be nothing for a few months at least. As for Wired World, there have often been talks about collecting it. Plans always seem to fall when I start up some new project and can’t keep that many balls in the air (2 balls limit). Still a definite possibility though.
Short answer to both questions: Nothing on the horizon but prospects good.

Fingers crossed for both then.

For some related fun, there’s a Kill Your Boyfriend Random Quote Generator available online. It should give you an impression of what you’re missing:

“D’you think high office and female impersonation go hand in hand, then? Maybe it’s time for a reevaluation of the Thatcher years.”

UPDATE: 30/07/08: Philip Bond’s been in touch with some very good news. Kill Your Boyfriend is now scheduled for a 3rd printing, possibly as early as October.

Richard Bruton is a lifelong comics fan and former Comic Book Store Guy; you can read more of his thoughts on comics and life on his blog Fictions.

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3 Responses to Propaganda – Kill Your Boyfriend

  1. I keep fearing that Phil Bond’ll never draw anything again bar the occasional cover, as he retires into a state of perpetual bliss as a house-husband.

    Damn his domestic happiness, preventing me from reading some comics! It’s like he just doesn’t care!

  2. bizarro says:

    Most of these DC contracts now allow the creators to regain the rights if DC stop printing the book for a few years. I would not mind if DC just forgot about this long enough for Grant and Phillip to regain the book and take it to another publisher who “gets it”. That way everyone wins.

  3. Mike says:

    Great piece! I picked this up last week on a whim, and think it’s a fantastic short comic.

    Did a write up on it here –