Propaganda: Lizz Lunney’s wonderful world

Published On November 13, 2008 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The mini comics of Lizz Lunney:

lizz lunney i love dinosaurs cover.jpg  lizz lunney unicorn.JPG

There are some mini-comics that really want to be grown up, proper comics, who want to be published in bigger form but haven’t made it yet. And there are some mini comics that don’t. Mini-comics so happy at being minis, who never want to be big, who go around cavorting in their mini-comic-ness.

Guess which one Lizz Lunney’s mini-comics are?

Like she says herself on the back of  I Love Dinosaurs And They Love Me:

A beautiful collection of stories for your enjoyment encased in a crisp, shiny cover. Like sweets. But more exciting. And less E-numbers.

lizz lunney 1.jpg  lizz lunney 2.jpg

These are mini-comics perfection. The sushi analogy keeps getting used about Lizz’s work; tiny little bite sized morsels of comic goodness, every one packed full of great gag strips and a host of recurring characters that just can’t help put a huge smile on your face. Just the titles enough should be enough to get that grin forming: Depressed Cat, My Mate Primate, Disco Rabbit, Fat Pigeon and Smelly Pigeon, Yum Yum Gay Cats and many, many more.

lizz lunney waiting for sushi cover.jpg  lizz lunney party animals cover.jpg

I had an absolute blast going through the five mini comics and working my way through her web-comic section. And it occurred to me that the best way to review Lizz’s work was to stop blabbering on about it and just share the fun with a few selections. I find much to empathise with when I read Depressed Cat, but the smiles just keep coming after that:

lizz lunney depressed cat.jpg

lizz lunney knitting.jpg

lizz lunney gin.jpg

Her comics are wonderful, happy, quirky and delightful things. A6 sized (think pocket sized) with lovely shiny colour covers. A little something to make your day a little more day-glo and fun.

Lizz Lunney is online at lots of places: website, blog, webcomics, online shop, interview at Bug Powder, interview for Insight Out program at City University Birmingham.

Lizz also has a great T-shirt at based on one of her cartoons (sadly, all sold out):


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One Response to Propaganda: Lizz Lunney’s wonderful world

  1. Ian says:

    I agree with all of the above! There were points during I love Dinosaurs and They Love Me when I would stop reading for a considerable amount of time to laugh and laugh.