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Published On September 17, 2008 | By Richard Bruton | Reviews

The Invisibles

by Grant Morrison and many, many artists

DC Comics / Vertigo

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Welcome to the invisibles,
Which side are you on?

The Invisibles should be compulsory reading. No doubt in a few decades hence it will be deemed a masterpiece and way ahead of it’s time. I’m not really going to try to tell you what it’s about. I could talk about King Mob and his band of terrorists/freedom fighters working for the secret group promoting chaos?/order? through magic, time travel, cross dressing and big guns. I could tell you about Dane, the new recruit and what potential he may well have. I could describe the ongoing battle between the Invisibles and the interdimensional Gods who secretly run the Earth. But that’s not what it’s really about.

It’s about Everything, of Order vs Chaos, two armies fighting since the beginning, The Invisibles fighting for chaos, for freedom, for good. But are you really sure? Do you really know who’s good and what you’re actually fighting for?

It’s inventive, visionary, bewildering, utterly complex and frighteningly dense. Many criticise it as impenetrable but that’s laziness talking. This is Grant Morrison’s opus/ legacy/ finest work, well worth putting in the effort, read it and then read it again and again. Eventually you’ll learn to read it the right way and it all makes sense in the end.

You want to be free like us,
what would you feel if you were free?

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Volume 1 is the introduction, the who, the why and the what’s going on? It’s literary comics, a Brit initiation into the Invisibles, the Beatles playing Sgt Pepper.

Volume 2 gets faster, trans-atlantic, super-slick, hyperreal. It’s where Grant dumbs it down and speeds it up in the smartest possible way. If Volume 1 is comics, this is film. If Vol 1 is Pepper, then this is Pepper set to techno and fused to a perfect 1000bpm bass beat.

Volume 3 is the payoff. Were you paying attention? Really? Go back to Volume 1 to make sure. Read it all over again in one go and you begin to realise how incredibly good it is. Morrison captures magic in his words. It’s drugs in comic form. He’s been the abductee, seen the inside of the ship, suffered the debilitating illnesses &and come back, just to share them with you. He’s practised the rituals, summoned the Lennon gods and brought their teachings back. Like Morrison says; “The invisibles is a spell, it tells the future. Things happen around it & to the people who absorb it” Reality becomes fiction, fiction becomes reality.

Are you ready to jump off the edge of everything?
Everything tends towards disorder,
It’s about time

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The magic continues after you’ve read it all, because every so often it will pull you back, you re-read it, wonder how you didn’t see all this previously and experience revelation all over again. Once you’ve read it, once you’ve been through it once, you’ll be coming back for more.

What the Invisibles ultimately deals with is the fact that
the human imagination is where freedom is actually contained”
Grant Morrison.

Free yourselves, learn to be invisible

Our sentence is up.

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Richard Bruton

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