Husband and wife team in Next Door Neighbour

Published On August 6, 2008 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

The latest episode of’s very fine Next Door Neighbour series (which sees different comics creators doing short, autobiographical work) is a husband and wife team effort, with Sari Wilson writing of her bee-keeping neighbour in New York, with art from her husband Josh Neufeld. Its a lovely strip, captured mostly in golden colours like a late evening sun, hinting at the colours of both the neighbour’s bees and the honey they made, as well as that sort of gentle warmth you feel when thinking back to days past, suffused with a nostalgia but also some melancholy at the passing of time and people in and out of your life as you grow older. Quite lovely – if you haven’t been following the series (which has some very good comics creators taking part and Dean Haspiel keeping it all together) then you need to go and bookmark it.

The Beekeeper by Sari Wilson & Josh Neufeld.jpg

(panels from The Beekeeper by Sari Wilson & Josh Neufeld, borrowed from

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