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Yes, I know we are now into 2008, but we still have a few Best of the Year selections from some of our friends for your reading delictation and delight (and yes, including my own picks in the near future). Matthew Badham (who, by the way, has a three-part interview up with the very fine David Baillie which you should go and have a look at) chucked a great link to me in the form of artist PJ Holden’s review of his year in comics – rendered in comics form on his own blog:

annual review page 1 PJ Holden.jpg

(the annual review, (c) PJ Holden, borrowed from his blog)

Which seemed to me like a good excuse to share that link with you and to post up some of PJ’s favourite comics, books and movie selections from 2007:

Comics/Graphic Novels

All Star Superman

Morrison’s continually inventive, Quitely is frankly superb, and All Star Superman always lives up to the title.

Punisher War Journal

Corey Walker Punisher War Journal.jpg

(some of Cory Walker’s artwork for Punisher: War Journal, borrowed from the Marvel site and (c) Marvel)

Picked this up at issue #13 because of the artwork (by Cory Walker) feels like The Punisher in the Next Wave universe and is fantastic fun as a result.

2000AD… because… Well, it’s 2000AD innit?


The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History, by Peter Heather.

Only managed to buy and start reading one book this year, have yet to get past chapter one, so, for god’s sake – no spoilers! (okay, I won’t reveal that the Roman Empire does indeed Decline and Fall in the end and that the Visigoth butler did it – Joe)



I AM BAYTO…BEOWULF! It’s like quicksand, looks shallow but has surprising depth.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Edgar Wright Simon Pegg.jpg

I refuse to believe that anyone reading this website doesn’t rate hot fuzz as one of the best films of 2007.

Knocked Up

Brilliant. Hysterical – please, though, if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you bring some form of Unicorn chaser with you – you’ll need it.

PJ has some upcoming work in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic in 2008 (I’m sure he will post details on his blog when he is allowed to) and right now you can see his artistic handiwork in the Fearless series from Image which is well worth a look (the review of the first issue can be found back here on the blog).PJ has also set up a Fearless section on his site where as each issue comes out he will post up material and discuss the creation and design process. And if you want more PJ (and want to support independent British talent) he still has some of his own self-published comic Previously available to order via his site.

Previously cover PJ Holden.jpg

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