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Published On September 4, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Film TV & Theatre

The multimedia experience that is author Jeff VanderMeer has added another slice of intriguing diversions for the amusement of readers and gentlefolks everywhere – yes, the Shriek movie, first spotted at some special events last year, has finally made it onto the web so everyone can now see it. I was lucky enough to see it a while ago (thanks, Jeff) and it makes a great addition to his novel, Shriek: an Afterword (which was one of my top books of 2006, quite superb and very highly recommended). The film is a short work directed by Juha Lindroos with music by The Church; obviously in a short piece you can’t recreate the whole novel and that wasn’t the intent in any place; rather the idea is to create a piece which is inspired by the novel and in this I think all involved did a great job as it captures the feel and atmosphere of Shriek extremely well. There’s a smaller screen but hi-res version and a larger screen-lower resolution version available to watch, while more is available on the Shriek site here; if you find the video stuttering it is just the streaming not keeping up when the site is busy, so best tip is to let the buffer build up the download a bit then watch it all smoothly. And if you haven’t read the book yet, you should, or else all the cool readers will mock you for your lack of taste. And they will be right to do so.
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