Propaganda’s Big Day Out – the Birmingham International Comics Show in pictures

Published On October 18, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

FPI’s Minister of Propaganda, Richard Bruton, left the rural idyll of his Yorkshire estates to return to the big city streets of Birmingham (where he worked for many years at Nostalgia & Comics) for last weekend’s Birmingham International Comics Show, and he kindly took a lot of pictures of the event to share with us. Here’s a taster from the show – you can see the rest in their full-sized glory on the FPI Flickr stream here and Richard has written up his take on the Brum show over the last few days on his Fictions blog, starting with part 1 here, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Charlie Adlard small.jpg

(look at that friendly, boyish grin – can this really be Charlie Adlard, the man who brings the decaying horror of a world over-run by flesh eating zombies to life in the brilliant Walking Dead? Yes it is..)

Laura Howell  Lew Stringer small.jpg

(two UK creators who will be no strangers to regular readers of the blog, Laura Howell and Lew Stringer)

Hunt Emerson small.jpg

(and treating us to a big smile is Laura’s sometime collaborator on the Beano, the one and only Hunt Emerson)

Andi Watson small.jpg

(Copies of Glister and Clubbing tip us off to the presence of Andi Watson; Richard’s recent glowing review of both titles can be found on the blog here)

Mike Carey small.jpg

(in the time it takes you to read this Mike Carey will have dreamed up the outline for four more comics series, his next novel and a movie script treatment)

Cosplay 1 small.jpg

(it isn’t a proper comics bash until we have some cosplayers on the scene)

Kevin and the famous FPI sales technique small.jpg

(FPI’s own Kevin O’Donnell demonstrates the advanced lightsabre techniques and use of the Force our staff are trained in to close a sale)

This last picture isn’t from Richard but comes via Pete Ashton’s blog, but since it is cooler than a penguin swimming in liquid nitrogen I can’t resist adding it in: the one and only Hunt Emerson in full musical flight with The Black Country Cats!

Hunt Emerson Black Country Cats.jpg

Update: Lew Stringer has a bunch of photos from the Brum show and commentary up on his own blog, where he also points us in the direction of this YouTube video by Kevin F Sutherland and his Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre which offers a slightly different view of the convention, complete with cameos from a number of famous comics creators.

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