Let’s do lunch…

Published On December 3, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

After dropping in a surprise return from La Muse’s parents asking about her use of her near-omnipotent powers to alter the world (almost a classic Star Trek-style moment before Adi then kicks things sideways again) and then a real bombshell in her life, Adi Tantidmedh once more takes a little side-swipe at our media-obsessed world: with the entire global economy transformed almost instantly, with all the chaos that can bring, the Hollywood power lunch meeting in a posh restaurant to secure a new show deal still goes on. Get your people to call my people, we’ll do lunch…

La Muse lunch meeting Adi Tantimedh Hugo Petrus.jpg

(panel from the latest La Muse by Adi Tantimedh, art by Hugo Petrus, published on the Big Head Press website; Hugo’s artwork can also be seen on the forthcoming Marvel Illustrated: the Man in the Iron Mask based on the great swashbuckling adventure by Dumas and adapted by Roy Thomas)

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