Killings, overdoses and conspiracies – La Muse ramps it up

Published On October 5, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Adi Tantimedh and Hugo Petrus have seriously ramped up events in La Muse in the last couple of weeks as shadowy institutional figures attempt to find a way to attack her, terrified of someone more powerful than themselves (and who is trying to use those powers for good and doesn’t respond to their control). We’ve seen covert agents attempting to harm La Muse by going after those close to her with direct assassinations and a tricked-up overdose and we’ve seen her hurried responses while the shadow men plan more ways to find weaknesses they can exploit.

La Muse OD.jpg

(La Muse checks in on one of her friends after an attack; written by Adi Tantimedh, art by Hugo Petrus, currently running on the Big Head Press site)

Frankly it is probably just as well that Big Head Press has been posting La Muse one page at a time now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, because otherwise I think I might have rushed through it all at breakneck speed (although I’d have gone back and re-read it more slowly afterwards). Posting the pages this way actually pushed up the dramatic tension for me, almost like a cliffhanger from an old movie serial or even the old Doctor Who, but not as contrived (or cheesy). Adi’s hinting this particular wave has crested and readers can breathe again. For a brief moment, because he promises there is more to come. You know, when La Muse finally comes out in print form I’m still going to want to sit there and re-read it all over again.

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