Gerry Alanguilan restores and recolours

Published On May 22, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Many of you will know Gerry as the artist and writer of the excellent Elmer or maybe even from his past mainstream work on titles such as Superman: Birthright or the 2001 FF annual. He is also a formidable blogger, writing a very passionate blog which whilst dealing with many topics has a particular reverance for the history of Filipino comics artists and the art that came before him. His Komikero site also hosts the wonderful resource which is ” The Philippine Comics Art Museum”. As if the above weren’t enough he is currently restoring Rudy Florese’s “Oras Mo Na!” strip and regularly posting pages for as all to savour. Rudy Florese was Gerry’s father-in-law who died in 2003 and Gerry is sparing no effort to make the strip (which deals with a vigilante who fights child sexual abuse committed by foreigners) look as good as it probably ever has. His latest blog posting takes us through the process of stripping a published colour strip back to black and white and boosting the contrast to give the piece more of the force that was undoubtedly present in the original art. Gerry then recolours the strip using the modern palette available in Photoshop.

Gerry recolouring Oras mo na.jpg

(Gerry’s stripping down and recolouring process, borrowed from his blog)

The art looks magnificent when finished; almost as if it was done yesterday. You will struggle to read the strip as it is in (i’m presuming) Tagalog but it is a great example of Filipino adventure comics – something which will be very familar to readers of many non-superhero DC comics from the 70’s and 80’s when a host of Filipino artists were doing work for them. It also makes one wonder that companies doing re-issues of classic strips should ever turn out other than top quality reproduction when you can see what can be done with fairly indistinct starting art here. So next time someone ‘restores’ work and the blacks are indistinct don’t believe them that it is down to bad source material – they probably just didn’t try hard enough.


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