Bill Leak allowed to use Tintin imagery

Published On June 5, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Following on from the story the other day that the Australian’s regular editorial cartoonist Bill Leak had been told to stop using a caricature of Tintin to portray the politician Kevin Rudd by Moulinsart SA several sites are now reporting that Leak can indeed depict Rudd as a Tintin-like character (which seems in line with the doctrine of fair use) but he can’t use those cartoons for commercial gain by selling them since he has no deal with Moulinsart who hold the rights and they should be paid a slice of any monies he has made from previous such sales. France 24 quoted Moulinsart’s Mark Rodwell as saying, “We have no problem with him (Leak) using Tintin as a parody in his cartoons in the newspaper but when he starts selling them to the public then it becomes more commercial and he is infringing copyright. He is not permitted to make those sales so we want him to stop doing that and to compensate us for any past sales.”

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