Ashley wood draws tanks, randy kangaroos and a certain girl who likes both

Published On January 9, 2007 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, News

Dan at Bugpowder spotted this news from Ashley Wood, who notes that part of his inspiration to become a comics artist was one time poster-child for the Rrrriot Grrrls, Tank Girl. He asks why there hasn’t been a new Tank Girl for years and goes on to say if Jamie Hewlett can’t draw it then he’d be glad to do it… And now he is! Yes, indeed, lovers of tank-drivin’, beer-drinkin’, ‘roo-snoggin’ anti-heroines, rejoice for Ashley announces he is to illustrate a new Tank Girl from IDW, written by creator Alan Martin and beginning around May. He quotes from Alan, who says they will not be continuing with the same look as before, since Tank Girl’s once radical and fresh image has been copied by fashionistas the world over (except for the tank and the kangaroo boyfriend bit, except perhaps in certain parts of Western Australia).

tg press.jpg

So how do they choose a new look for Tank Girl now you can buy fashion anarchy off the shelf from designers? Alan answers: “The only way left to rebel is to dress like you’re not rebelling. We hope to bring a whole different flavour to Tank Girl, as she borrows ideas from past cultural reference points (Fay Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde, anyone?). Obviously she will still fart, drink too much, and shag a kangaroo.”

I’m a little conflicted about this – I really loved Tank Girl back in the day when she appeared in Deadline (which wasn’t always the best comic around, but always tried to do something different for grown-up kids who still loved comics) in the 90s – heck, there’s still a Tank Girl badge on my leather jacket to this day. But my excitement at seeing a character I loved resurrected is tempered by the worry that perhaps the time is past and she just won’t fit into the 21st century – it’s always a concern when any character is brought back, will it be a triumphant return or fall flat? That said, Alan Martin is writing it and I trust him; Ashley Wood is drawing it and I love Ashley’s work (and he is obviously a fan who wants to do right by the character) so I’m guessing that perhaps they can pull it off – certainly I want them to succeed, then all the kids will ask where I got the cool Tank Girl T-shirt that’s been lurking in my closet for years. Excuse me for a moment, folks, I need to go put on some 90s music and dance around my desk for a few moments while reminiscing about my student days, missing lectures to go to comics stores.

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