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Published On August 2, 2006 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, News

My mate Pádraig, Irish SF con organiser supreme, reviewer for The Alien Online, Emerald City and contributor to this very blog has dropped me a line about his latest devotion in the temple of Alan Moore. Alan, under the name Curt Vile, and Steve Moore (under Pedro Henry) used to do a strip in UK music mag Sounds (remember that?) from the late 70s through to the early 80s, which, as the site 4colorheroes points out, is probably the largest body of uncollected Alan Moore work left.


Well, it may be uncollected in print form, but Stan at 4colorheroes is making a valiant effort to find and scan in the strips and assemble them on the site in order for viewing. Stan is calling on Moore fans who may still have copies of the strip to give him some help here – Pádraig found some via a certain online auction mob and has been doing his bit, with some more recent acquisitions due to appear on the site in due course. I’m sure Stan would welcome any offers to help fill in the missing episodes, so check out the site and if you have any copies, do get in touch with him.

Pádraig also tells me that he and another friend of the FPI blog, the most-excellent writer and good mate of Robot Archie, John Reppion, have posted a joint review of a small-press book I mentioned here some weeks ago, Brainchild, a rather tasty looking book which resembles a collection of documents left after a zombie attack (always good to see someone doing something different with the often-overworked genre). John and Pádraig’s joint review is up on the damned fine Fractalmatter site and as I noted a few weeks ago the book itself is a limited edition work available exclusively from Omnibucket (although if a wider publication takes place we’ll obviously try to get some).

By coincidence Scott Lambridis at Omnibucket also dropped me a line today to say they are having a launch party for their new book God’s Acre: the Ravens and the Rhyme, an illustrated anthology following a brother and sister who wander into a graveyard full of secrets – sounds like my kind of dark fairy tale (and sounds very Poe, which is no bad thing). Again it is a very limited edition (only 300 copies) and will only be available from Omnibucket, who have a cracking site with far more info here; the launch party is due for Saturday 19th of August at the Benevolence Café on Columbus, Ohio.

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